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Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference

What is TSCEC 2023?

Human-centric smart city development and innovative information and communications technology
encounter at Nokia Arena transforming
an urban metaverse with the latest digital solutions.
The event combines
forward-looking thinkers, cutting edge technology, services and solutions.


The international, world-class Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference
deep dives beyond the abstract – where the ideas are taken to action. 

Digitally Smart

Digitally Smart 

​Data, analytics & Artificial Intelligence are transforming how we manage operations, develop new digital services, and co-create new solutions for our environment.​ Robotics and automation are shaping processes across industries. With the emergence of Web 3.0, blockchain and generative AI, we are heading towards a new reality in which physical and virtual experiences merge within the metaverse creating real life solutions and digital twins. The virtual reality is the extended reality to be.

Urban Intelligence

Urban Intelligence

​ Smart urban areas​ are a key factor to improve the quality of life by ensuring public services and having the opportunity to make up-to-date changes through the continuous digital results and feedback.  The much-discussed mobility of the future such as autonomous driving ​is playing an increasingly important role. Through data analytics, it is possible to offer residents better and more comprehensive services, improving the wellbeing for all.​

Responsible ColLAB

Responsible ColLAB​​

Functional cyber security ​​is a must and a shared matter of ongoing improvement.  AI ethics and governance play a valuable role in digital collaborations.​ Clear focus is on humane digitalization, where technology ​​works together with people. Development lies in doing things together and learning from one another. International cooperation, responsibility and sustainable solutions will also be on focus and in the event highlights. ​

From Ideas to Action.

The visual event experience is complemented by inspiring and awakening programme content, which brings not only company speeches but also inspiring top speakers both from Finland and internationally.

Heart of the City – Heart of the Land

The most loved city of Finland, Tampere, invites you to experience the Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference. Just 200 kilometres from the capital city, Tampere offers not only a great location but also the core of expertise for the fields of smart city development and ICT.

Perfectly in the city center the world-class state-of-the-art Nokia Arena sets the stage for the bright, smart, digital future. At Nokia Arena one can expect the unforgettable!

See you in Tampere on June 6–7th 2023 at Nokia Arena!

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Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference Seeks Solutions To Utilise The Metaverse

Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference offers human-centric smart city development and innovative ICT technology. Containing the latest digital solutions, the urban metaverse deep dives beyond the abstract, where the ideas are taken to action, perspectives on Digitally Smart, Urban Intelligence and Responsible ColLAB.

The Expo, including the program on the main stage, at Nokia Arena is open and free of charge for all registrants. Conference and BRIDG3 Summit passes can be bought either together or separately.

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Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference

Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference is organised by the City of Tampere, Business Tampere, and Tampere Trade Fairs Group.
The event is produced by Tampere Trade Fairs Group.