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BRiDG3 | Missed the BRIDG3 Summit? Catch the Magic with Our Official Recording!

Press Release  08.06.2023

Firstly, we extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who joined us at the BRIDG3 Summit. Your energy, insights, and active participation truly made this event special. Together, we navigated the fascinating landscapes of these emerging technologies, and explored how it promises to transform our future.

Tampere At The Forefront of Innovation

From thought-provoking keynotes to engaging panel discussions, the Summit served as a platform for illuminating conversations around Web3 and the Metaverse. Our exceptional lineup of speakers offered remarkable insights, enlightening us on how Web3 will change the way we do business, work, and engage with the world. Their visionary perspectives stirred conversations that will undoubtedly resonate in the months and years to come. 

Shaping A Future of Equal Opportunities: Lamar Eitow’s Keynote

The BRIDG3 Summit commenced with a compelling keynote from Lamar Eitow, who presented a fresh, insightful perspective on Web3. Far from the typical focus on decentralization, Eitow argued that the essence of Web3 lies in its potential to provide equal access to opportunities. This enlightening viewpoint painted an inspiring vision of a future where opportunities are democratized, regardless of geography or socioeconomic status. This invigorating outlook emphasizes the true power of Web3 as a tool for transformation, capable of shaping our world for the better.

Dubai’s Pioneering Digital Path: Dr. Marwan Alzarouni’s Insights

Following this, Dr. Marwan Alzarouni captivated the audience with his narrative of how Dubai is spearheading advancements in digital government strategies. His discourse on the role of emerging technologies such as the Metaverse, blockchain, and Web3 in supporting this progression was truly eye-opening. This inspiring presentation has not only piqued our interest in Dubai’s pioneering initiatives but also incited plans for an exploratory trip. The intent is to delve into these innovations firsthand and establish collaborations that will help nurture startups in our network.

Web3’s Marketing Revolution: Amanda Cassat’s Roadmap

Finally, Amanda Cassat, the unrivaled global leader in Web3 marketing and strategy, lit up the stage with an engrossing narrative. She outlined the revolution Web3 will bring to both the marketing domain and the broader landscape of the Internet. Cassat offered a roadmap for companies eager to undertake their own journey into this new era of the Internet, and how they can effectively reach out to the upcoming, digital-native audiences. Her insights serve as an enlightening beacon, guiding businesses towards an exciting future defined by Web3.

Relive the Magic: Official Recording Now Available

Did you miss out on the live experience? Fear not! The entire wealth of knowledge from the BRIDG3 Summit is not lost. You can now purchase the official recording and relive the Summit at your own pace. Soak up all the insights and learn from the leading experts in Web3. To secure your access, simply head over to this link