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Tampere Smart City Week Conference & Expo and DigITre postponed to June

News  14.01.2022

Nokia Arena’s first exhibition event Tampere Smart City Week Conference & Expo and DigITre were to be held at the turn of January and February. Due to the current pandemic situation, a decision has been made to postpone the set of events until June. Tampere Smart City Week Conference and Expo on smart city development and the new ICT professional event of the Tampere Trade Fairs Group, DigITre, will be organised from 14−15 June 2022 at Nokia Arena. A unique start-up event, led by the frontrunner in smart collaboration, ArcticStartup Media Oy, will also be experienced at the fair. Registration for the set of events will be open throughout spring.

The organisers of Tampere Smart City Week Conference & Expo and DigITre, the City of Tampere, Business Tampere and Tampere Trade Fairs Group, have decided to postpone the set of events until June due to the worsening pandemic situation and the tighter restrictions.

“Postponing the Conference and Expo and DigITre was decidedly seen as the most responsible solution in light of the current situation. The health and safety of people are our top priorities and we want to make sure that everyone can enjoy a full fair experience in this amazing, new arena. The unprecedented offering of this set of events also deserves to be made available at a time when meeting people face-to-face is once again safe in terms of health. We wish to warmly thank all our partners for their commitment to the event. We are extremely excited about what the upcoming DigITre and Tampere Smart City Week Conference and Expo events have in store for us in June and wish everyone a warm and safe welcome to this number one event of the year in digital, data and smarter solutions,” says Project Manager Sami Siurola from the Tampere Trade Fairs Group.

Smart and innovative set of events from 14–15 June 2022

The international Tampere Smart City Week conference and expo will be held from 14 to 15 June 2022. The Tampere Business Forum will be implemented virtually at its original date on Monday 31 January 2022. DigITre, from 14−15 June 2022, is a new event for ICT professionals. The themes for DigITre 2022 are information security, business modernisation and smart solutions.

The unique start-up event, Arctic15 x Tampere, will take place on Wednesday, 15 June 2022. Arctic15 is a premium meeting place for start-up entrepreneurs, investors, businesses and the media. The start-up event is produced by ArcticStartup Media Oy and it will be organised in collaboration with the Platform6 community.

Registration is open throughout spring

The visitor registration for the unique and expected first nokia arena exhibition complex will be open throughout the spring: tscw.fi/en/sign-up/ and digitre.fi/en/for-visitors/register/. Check out and sign up for the Arctic15 x Tampere startup event: arctic15.com/arctic15-tampere-2022/.

The aim is to postpone the agreed programme to a new date. Inspiring program tscw.fi/en/program/ and  digitre.fi/en/for-visitors/program/ as well as the articles written by our wonderful exhibitors and partners and the latest news digitre.fi/fi/messuinfo/uutiset/ and tscw.fi/en/news/ can be found on the event pages.

The lead organiser of Tampere Smart City Week is the City of Tampere in collaboration with Business Tampere. DigITre 2022 is an event of Tampere Trade Fairs Group which is organised in collaboration with Tampere Smart City Week Conference and Expo. Tampere Trade Fairs Group will produce the TSCW Expo & Conference and the DigITre set of events for the City of Tampere.

New dates for events by Tampere Trade Fairs Group postponed from February: DigITre & TSCW 14–15 June 2022, Hallituspaikka 30 Nov 2022, Asta Fair 3–5 Feb. 2023, Tampere Wedding Exhibition 4–5 Feb. 2023.

MORE INFORMATION: tscw.fi/en/conference-and-expo/ digitre.fi/en/ #tscw2022 #digitre

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