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Tampere Smart City Week and DigITre captivated at Nokia Arena

News  15.06.2022

The international conference and expo Tampere Smart City Week 2022 and the new ICT professional event DigITre carried trade fair visitors through the realms of smart city development and digitalisation at Nokia Arena for two days. The first trade fair event held at the new multifunctional arena in Tampere generated encounters and was surrounded by a positive atmosphere. The event gathered 2,070 visitors on site, accompanied by 597 trade fair participants via online streaming. The next Tampere Smart City Week and DigITre combined event will be held in June 2023.

The parties organising the event – the City of Tampere, Business Tampere and Tampere Trade Fairs Group – are grateful for the positive reception the new event received.
− It has been great to witness encounters between representatives of companies in the field, forming a basis for cooperation, and it is great that this should happen in Tampere, the leading place for smart city development in Finland. This place already has a strong culture of working together. While the long-term impact remains to be seen, we can already see how much the business cooperations initiated here can benefit the urban region of Tampere. This is only the beginning, enthuses Markku Niemi, Smart City Director at Business Tampere. The City of Tampere and Business Tampere are calling for all businesses to participate in implementing the Smart City for its Residents development project during the next few years.

A total of 2,667 people experienced the Tampere Smart City Week 2022 and DigITre event. Visitors participating on site at Nokia Arena amounted to 2,070 persons, and 597 remote participants streamed the event. With the fast pace of innovations in these exciting industries, everyone is eagerly looking forward to seeing future developments.
− Our goal was to offer a comprehensive and integrated trade fair experience at the core of ICT and smart city development. With new events, there is always room for fine tuning but we feel that these fantastic premises enabled us to get quite close to our goal. All that remains to be done is to sum up the event and look ahead to next year’s efforts. We believe that next summer’s DigITre and Tampere Smart City Week will be another revolutionary experience and, for our part, we promise to continue delving into development, change and innovative solutions to make this event the gem of each year! We wish to thank all our partners for this year, as it is our collaboration that made this event happen, Project Manager Sami Siurola of Tampere Trade Fairs Group sums up.

An unforeseen programme with some much-needed encounters

The world-renowned Dr. Ayesha Khanna gave a lecture on urban development from the perspective of AI technologies. On Tuesday, Swappie.fi was awarded the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Winner recognition. This recognition award from Deloitte is given to the fastest-growing Finnish technology company, measured by four years’ revenue. A presentation by Anni Laurila, architect and winner of the Global Impact Challenge, on future-oriented construction took place at the event on Wednesday. The startup event Arctic15 x Tampere created a new hub at Pirkanmaa, featuring speakers such as Peter Vesterbacka, the founder of Rovio and Finest Bay Area. The startup event also hosted the Finnish launching of New Nordics Pitch Competition by Silicon Vikings. The final of the competition will take place at Slush in November.

As expected, encounters played a key role in the event after their long absence during the pandemic. Shared conversations between partners, speakers and visitors are expected to have a lasting impact.

Smart city development and ICT will meet again next year

DigITre and Tampere Smart City Week will continue on their shared path next year as well. The combined event will take place at the stunning Nokia Arena in June 2023.

The main organiser of Tampere Smart City Week is the City of Tampere together with Business Tampere. DigITre is an event organised by Tampereen Messut Group in collaboration with the Tampere Smart City Week conference and expo. Tampere Trade Fairs Group produces the combined event TSCW Expo & Conference and DigITre for the City of Tampere.

Additional information: tscw.fi/en, digitre.fi/en #tscw2022 #digitre

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