Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference

BRiDG3 | Engage and Empower: Vote for Your Favorite BRiDG3 Hackathon Team at TSCEC!

News  31.05.2023

The highly anticipated Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference (TSCEC) is just around the corner, and one of the most exciting events taking place is the Finals of the BRiDG3 Hackathon. Ten innovative teams will be showcasing their groundbreaking solutions, vying for a chance to win the prestigious 5000€ prize, with an additional 5000€ available if they continue developing their solution. As a unique twist, the winner will be determined not only by a distinguished jury but also by you, the public! In this post, we’ll delve into the details of the Finals and highlight how your vote can make a difference.

The BRiDG3 Hackathon

The BRiDG3 Hackathon is an extraordinary platform that brings together talented individuals and teams to develop cutting-edge solutions for real-world challenges for Yle, UNICEF, City of Tampere, Valmet, Tampere University and ECIU. Over the course of the competition, these teams have worked tirelessly to create innovative concepts that address the evolving needs of our society. The Finals at TSCEC provide an opportunity to witness their accomplishments firsthand.

Join the Final Pitching at Main Stage

On the main stage of the TSCEC event 6 June, starting at 17:00, each of the ten finalist teams will deliver a captivating pitch, showcasing their demo and presenting their solution’s potential impact. This is the moment where their hard work and creativity come to life, captivating the audience with their ideas and technological prowess.

Your Votes Matter

After all the teams have completed their pitches, it’s time for the audience to actively participate in the voting process. At TSCEC, your voice matters, as 50% of the final score will be determined by the jury, while the other 50% will be determined by public vote. This combination ensures that the winners are recognized both by experts in the field and by the community at large.

To cast your vote, the event organizers have developed an innovative Web3 voting system, aligning with the Web3 focus of the BRiDG3 Hackathon. This technology leverages the decentralized nature of blockchain, ensuring transparency and security in the voting process. Be prepared to witness the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with democratic participation!

Voting made easy on mobile devices

Once all the teams have presented their pitches, the voting link will be shared on stage. Visitors attending the TSCEC event will have the opportunity to cast their votes via the provided link on their mobile devices. By simply accessing the link and following the instructions, you can actively contribute to the outcome of the BRiDG3 Hackathon Finals.

Your vote has the power to shape the future of these talented teams. By actively participating in the voting process, you not only support your favorite team but also encourage innovation and technological advancement. Your engagement at TSCEC reinforces the spirit of collaboration and strengthens the bonds between technology enthusiasts and groundbreaking startups.

Empower The Next Generation Of Teams Building Within The Metaverse

The BRiDG3 Hackathon Finals at TSCEC promise to be a captivating and momentous event, highlighting the immense talent and creativity within the Web3 community. With ten teams competing for substantial prizes, your vote plays a crucial role in determining the winners. The integration of Web3 technology in the voting process further emphasizes the forward-thinking nature of the BRIDG3 Summit and TSCEC event.

So, prepare to be inspired, and get ready to cast your vote for the team that captures your imagination and showcases the most promising solution. Together, we can shape the future of technology-driven innovation. See you at the TSCEC event, where your voice matters!