Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference

Info for speakers and program producers


Here you will find information about the program, which we hope you will familiarize yourself with in advance. We hope that you will also pass on the information to all your speakers and other people related to your event!

Please check your program place and time from our web pages.

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Speakers and organizers have free entry to the event. The exhibitor BADGE works through the event days and on construction days.
Speakers do not need to register for the event in advance! The BADGE to the event will be sent by email before the event.

NOTE! Please remember to print the BADGE in advance and bring it with you!


Nokia Arena is located right in the heart of Tampere, adress Kansikatu 3.

The car can be easily parked in the close by parking facilities, such as:
Aimo Park Areena
Aimo Park Postitalo Tampere
Aimo Park Stockmann
Aimo Park Tammelan puistokatu 21
Aimo Park Valtatie30
Finnpark Hämppi A
Finnpark Technopolis
Finnpark Tullintori
Finnpark Koskikeskus
P-Ratina (shopping centre)

More information about arrival and parking can be found via the link below;

Arriving »


You will need to send all material asked below regarding the programs to the Program producer:
  • An abstract of the paper you are submitting – Max. 150 words for the abstract, 10-12 words for the title
  • Biography or personal introduction of the speaker – Max. 100 words for the introduction
  • Speaker’s photo / wanted photo for the session marketing – recommended size of pixels in 1920×1080, FullHD quality. Formats in .JPG or .PNG.

All materials in English!

Sasa Metz
Producer, Finland Events / Tampere Trade Fairs
p. 040 619 5216

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Please save your presentation in advance in this OneDrive-file PRESENTATION MATERIALS no later than Friday 26.5.2023 at 16:00. If your performance is on the main stage, it is very important that you deliver the materials in advance!

  • Save the presentation as a file in PowerPoint-format to the right folder (tuesday or wednesday)
  • Save the presentation by naming it PRESENTATION TIME_PRESENTATION TITLE

*All files stored in the OneDrive folder are thoroughly destroyed immediately after the program days. The material will not be used for any other purpose than Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference.

If your presentation includes video material and music, we hope that the presentation will be delivered in advance to ensure that the files work and that the presentation runs smoothly. Tampereen Messut Oy is responsible for the Teosto fees for music played on the program stages.

The program stages and facilities are in continuous use, so we hope that your performance/event will stay within the schedule.

Please note, and take into account when designing the program, that the main stage’s program times include;
* arriving on stage and leaving the stage
* the program itself
* 1-2min for the stage host

The program stages have a technician and a program assistant who help with technical matters. We hope that the performer will arrive near the performance area no later than 15 minutes before the start of their own performance.

All open program / speeches in English!

If you have any special requests regarding your performance, please contact our program producer as soon as possible. Contact information at the bottom of the page.


Nokia Arena map »


Equipment and technology

  • Audio playback and required microphones (headset or stick microphone)
  • White screen on stage
  • The technician is in charge of presentation technology and sound technology
  • If necessary, a table can be raised on the stage, as well as chairs for panel discussion

Streaming of the main stage program

  • All program on the main stage will be streamed via Eventos
  • Vimeo as a streaming platform

If you want to show presentation material during the presentation, below is more detailed technical information for the presentation:

  • The aspect ratio of the presentation should preferably be 16:9 (wide)
  • Please do not use a font size that is less than 20. This way, we can make sure your presentation is readable from the back row.
  • The formats of presentation should be as follows;
    • Presentation in Powerpoint format
    • Audio in MP3 format
    • Video to MP4, Full HD 16:9 video format, all major formats (preferably.mp4 H264).
    • If your presentation contains videos, please send them to the producer in advance as own files so that we can make sure they work.
  • Tampereen Messut Oy is responsible for the Teosto fees for music played on the program stages.


  • Lights
  • Sound reinforcement

LOUNGE 6krs.

  • TV
  • Sound reinforcement

BOXES 4krs.

If you want to display your presentation from your own computer, the computer must have an HDMI output/Display port. Please indicate if you need a different connection to the space. Nokia Arena has an open wireless network, no credentials are required. If you need additional equipment or information, please contact the program producer (contact details at the end of the page).

We hope that you will take your presentation with you on a flash drive and not show your presentation through cloud services. Apple machines need an adapter with displays in the boxes (please read the specific box technology instructions below). When making the presentation, please note the aspect ratio of 16:9. The recommended font size is 20.

Box 1 (47)

  • TV / Screen
  • HDMI cable
  • Sound reinforcement and microphone

Box 2 (48)

  • TV / Screen
  • HDMI cable
  • Sound reinforcement and microphone

Box 3 (49)

  • TV / Screen
  • HDMI cable
  • Sound reinforcement and microphone

Box 4 (50)

  • TV / Screen
  • HDMI cable
  • Sound reinforcement and microphone

Box 5 (51)

  • TV / Screen
  • HDMI cable
  • Sound reinforcement and microphone


Catering is not included in the packages. Catering must be ordered separately from NoHo Partners:

p: 010 318 4635

p: +358 103 184 633

*All arena restaurants are open during the fair’s opening hours.


Are you eager to share your smartest story, tell about the latest innovations or brightest solutions? Please do not hesitate to contact the event’s communications, share your ideas and let us discover the content we can create for Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference.

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Human-centric smart city development and innovative information and communications technology encounter at Nokia Arena transforming an urban metaverse with the latest digital solutions. The event combines forward-looking thinkers, cutting edge technology, services and solutions.

The international, world-class Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference deep dives beyond the abstract – where the ideas are taken to action.

For more information:

Communications Specialist
Sirkka Laine
+358 40 612 9081

More info regarding the event, program and presentations:

Sami Siurola
Project Manager
p. +358 207 701 236

Sasa Metz

Program Producer
p. +358 40 619 5216

More info regarding the technique at Arena (doesn’t apply to presentations):

Ahti Impola
p. +358 40 725 7258